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The Cuddles software is completely free to use. Powerful technology that can seamlessly run any pet business. Here’s what’s included:

  • Bookings

  • Calendar

  • Services

  • Products

  • Staff

  • Clients

  • Grooming Reports

  • One-Way Messaging

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when you sign up for Cuddles Payments or $99/mo without

  • All Free features

  • Pet Daycare

  • Pet Boarding

  • Multiple Locations

  • Insights

  • Agreements

Cuddles apyments

Payments & Marketplace

Add payments and be listed on the Cuddles Marketplace

  • Only 2.3% + $0.20 per transaction, both online and in-store.
  • 20% one time fee for new clients booked through the Cuddles Marketplace. This fee never applies to returning clients or appointments booked through your website or social media.

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Manage and track the status of your upcoming appointments.


Simplify your schedule with our intuitive smart calendar.


Customize service pricing based on pet size, hair length, & hair type.


Effortlessly manage your inventory of products.


Quickly organize your staff schedules.


Personalize the client experience by keeping record of key pet information.

Grooming Reports

Impress clients with a rundown of the pet’s visit, including pictures.

One-Way Messaging

Stay connected and share special moments with your clients.


Learn what you can do to improve your business.

Pet Daycare

Real-time activity reports and photo updates to pet parents.

Pet Boarding

Manage reservations, update your room inventory, and change rates.

Multiple Locations

Seamlessly navigate between multiple business locations.


Get your customers' digital signatures for service agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not using all the features in the Premium plan, can I switch to Essential?

Absolutely, if you feel like you are no longer benefiting from our Premium plan you can switch to Essential. Just remember you will lose access to Premium features.

Shoot us an email at and we’ll help you switch.

I no longer want to use Cuddles payments, what do I do?

If you no longer wish to use Cuddles Payments you have two options. You can continue to benefit from our Premium features, without Cuddles Payments and without being featured on our marketplace, for $99 per month. Alternatively, you can switch to our Essential plan, which will give you access to [...] and is free.

Shoot us an email at and we can assist you.

If I sign up to Premium, what day of the month will I be charged?

The date you sign up to premium will be the same date you’re charged each month.

Can I be on the marketplace without using Cuddles payment?

Unfortunately you cannot be featured on our marketplace without signing up to Cuddles Payments.

I want to switch from the Essential plan to Premium. Who do I contact?

Great, we’re sure you’ll love all the additional features in Premium!

Shoot us an email at and we can get you set up.

I want to switch from the Essential plan to Premium, without Cuddles payments. Who do I contact?

We can get this set up for you! Email us at

*Please note that Premium without Cuddles Payments is $99 per month. With payments it’s only $29. If you’re interested in saving 70% every month by signing up to Cuddles payments, get in touch with us at

How do I cancel the payments for Premium?

Please contact a member of our team at

What will happen to my account if I cancel Premium?

If you choose to cancel your Premium subscription, your account will be automatically changed to the Essential package.