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We are Cuddles

The pet industry is in need of better technology. Cuddles is building it.

Our promise

We deeply understand pets, their parents, and the people who care for them, and we’re here to make their lives better.

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How it Started

The Story of Cuddles

Cuddles was born in 2020 because two brotherly doodles, Paco and Tommy, were on a quest to find a groomer. Their dad, Tarek, had many questions…

"Where can I find a professional dog groomer near me?"

"Do they take new clients?"

"How can I schedule an appointment?"

The list goes on, but all those questions kept leading back to one very big problem:


Why is the technology in the pet industry so outdated?

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The answer was simple: the current tools available to pet business owners just weren’t cutting it. Until Cuddles.

Cuddles is committed to modernizing the pet industry by empowering the future generation of pet businesses with beautiful and easy-to-use software.

We believe that technology can help drive pet businesses to be more successful, while improving the client experience for pet parents, and most importantly, delivering the highest quality of care to pets everywhere.

Cuddles - About us

Our Mission

Deepen the relationship between pets, their pet parents and the people who care for them with beautiful and easy-to-use technology.

Our Name

Cuddles stands for the personal, delicate, and deep connection between pets and their parents.

As we explore these relationships, we are bound to find ways to support and deepen them. In a way, we exist to make these physical manifestations of love and care even more profound and special.

Sounds like

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Cuddles logo
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Our Values

Pets are family 🐶

We love pets. We work hard to make them happy.

Dream team 🏆

We win and fail together. We ask for help. We offer help.

Be the GOAT 🐐

We are top performers. We consistently exceed expectations. We never stop growing.

Show empathy ✨

We listen. We strive to understand what inspires and moves others. We detach from our own perspectives.

Be bold 💪🏼

We welcome big challenges. We find strength when it's needed most. We admit and learn from our mistakes.

Move fast 💨

We anticipate. We are agile. We continually adapt to evolving circumstances.

Interested in working with us at Cuddles?

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